Penguin Musume Heart

I’m currently watching Penguin Musume Heart (Penguin Girl), which is an anime about a girl called Nankyoku Sakura (a.k.a. Pengiun or Pen-chan) and all the weird things that happen around her. There really isn’t any plot so far, but it does have some of the silly things we’ve come to expect from anime, including: the muscle man butler, the battle maid, the tomboy, the lesbian martial arts girl (reminds me of card captor sakura), girls with exploding clothes (see below), maid cafes, miko (shrine maidens), and of course the all-important panty shots.

I think this is more of a parody of anime in general as most of the characters represent some stereotypical personality that you’d find in a regular anime. For example, the butler seems to have military training of some sort (anyone recall school rumble?) and his name is Sebastion (if you’ve seen lucky star, then you’ll get it). The episodes are only 10-15 min long so it’s a good anime to watch if you don’t have much fun, and it’s pretty entertaining too. I’m currently on episode 11 and hope a subbed version of ep 12 will come out soon >.>


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