Mamotte Shugogetten Vol. 2

I went to the bookstore today to pick up Mamotte Shugogetten vol. 2 ^.^ This volume was actually released on Aug. 5, but the bookstore didn’t get it in until today. The store only has 2 bookshelves for manga and since Mamotte Shugogetten is twice as thick as regular manga, it wasn’t hard to find. When I went to checkout though, the guy at the counter gave me a funny look. I guess the reason for that was because of the cover of the book. I thought that a cute girl in a red dress wouldn’t make it look like I was buying a pinkish-violet book but people probably wouldn’t pay that much attention to what’s drawn on the cover, just the overall colour of it. But anyways, if you’re a fan of light comedy and magic, then you should definately read this series. It’s about a guy named Tasuke who comes into possession of a ring called the shitenrin, which is actually the home of Shugogetten Shaorin (aka Shao), a goddess whose duty is to protect her master. Some hilarious events ensue, including the arrival of another goddess and Tasuke’s school getting demolished XD. I haven’t read the second volume yet, but here’s the summary on the back cover:

“Ever since a beautiful goddess named Shao materialized from an old ring, life has been topsy-turvy for high school student Tasuke. But just when Tasuke is getting used to his host of magical house guests, someone new arrives – his older sister Nana! Never mind magic and divinity – how is Tasuke going to explain two unchaperoned girls living in his house? He’d better think of a way fast before Nana and Ruuan, the fake visiting teacher, catch him in a closet cuddle!”

I hope this volume is as good as the first, and I hope they have watercoloured Shao on the rest of the volumes too ^.^


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