I was really bored today so I decided to take out my dreamcast and play Ikaruga. For those of you who don’t know, Ikaruga is a shooting game with two opposing types of energies: red/black and blue/white. You pilot a ship that can switch between the two, so when the ship is red/black the shields will absorb all the bullets and lasers of that colour and fire red/black bullets, and the same for blue/white. That doesn’t sound too hard right, just turn red/black to avoid red/black bullets and blue/white to avoid blue/white bullets. Well, when you’re playing the game it’s a whole different story, and to get a good rating you have to make combos by destroying 3 enemies of the same colour in a row. I’ve had this game for several years now and the furthest I’ve gotten is the beginning of the 4th chapter out of a total of 5. The difficulty comes when the whole screen is just covered in enemy fire of different energies and you’re trying to switch back and forth between them. I always lose track of which colour I am and get hit by a bullet. Well, if anyone has any tips on how to complete this game, let me know 🙂

And here’s a video of this guy that’s just insane at Ikaruga:



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