Lucky Star Cat Plush

I just found out about this plushie which is going to be released in September. For those Lucky Star fans who don’t know what this is, shame on you 😛 It’s the cat that always appears in the middle of Lucky Star episodes for commercial breaks. I took this image from which is selling it for 2500 yen (~$25). Unfortunately, I can’t read Japanese and I don’t think they ship overseas. So , if anyone knows where I can get one I’ll give you an e-cookie for the info ^.^


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2 Responses to “Lucky Star Cat Plush”

  1. arkitas Says:

    Confession: I never watched a single episode or read a single chapter of Naruto before. I never read a single chapter of Bleach, and only watch the first 10 minutes of episode 1. And I think it’s a real bore.

    • ki Says:

      but lucky star is completely diffrent nartuto and bleach are fighting and their styles are hard rough looking lucky star has a chibier smoother style and are a 4koma so its not completely througher (aka random)

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