Figure Splurge

This week I got all the figures that I ordered at the beginning of the month. As you can see, I bought 6 in total. I know that doesn’t sound like much to some people, but I’ve collected 9 figures in 1 year, so getting 6 in a couple weeks is a lot for me.

On the top left is a 1/7 scale Konomi Yuzuhara figure from To Heart 2. She’s produced by Kotobukiya and comes with a tube and sandals that you can put on. I haven’t actually seen To Heart 2, but I did see the original, and when I saw this figure, I just had to get it.

Beside Konomi on the right is a 1/8 scale Taiga Aisaka figure produced by Max Factory. She comes from the series Tora Dora which will be airing this fall and is definitely on my watch list.

On the bottom left is Louise Françoise de la Bamue le Blanc de la Vallière (it’s like they just picked random French words for her name) from the anime Zero no Tsukaima (a.k.a. The Familiar of Zero). This is the 1/8 scale Louise Bustier Version produced by Alter. It was actually sold out in a few online stores, so when I found one that still had them in stock it went straight into my shopping cart.

Beside Louise is a 1/8 scale figure of Meifeng Liu from Shuraki, produced by Good Smile Company. Now, I have no clue what Shuraki is, but I really liked this figure so I got it anyways. The box also says that it comes with a booklet and a drama cd, but unfortunately I don’t know Japanese so I won’t be able to understand anything in them 😦

To the left of Meifeng is the School Rumble goddess Eri Sawachika. This 1/8 scale figure by Alter is the only one I have that’s laying down. She’s going to take up a bit more space than my other figures, but School Rumble is one of my favourite anime so I thought that it would be space well spent.

On the bottom right is the last figure, Tsukino Azusagawa from Yakitate Japan. This is another 1/8 scale figure from Alter and is actually one of my favourite. Yakitate Japan was a pretty good anime, but it had relatively little fanservice, so it’s not often that you got to see Tsukino showing off some skin.

Well, that’s it for my figure splurge. Altogether, including shipping & handling and customs, the total cost came out to be around $400. That works out to be around $67 per figure, which is a little expensive but hey, you don’t go splurge on stuff and expect to save money. For anyone reading this who was expecting to see more pics of these figures, I’ll be posting them as I find time in the following week (and they’ll be out of the box too).


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2 Responses to “Figure Splurge”

  1. theinfernoproject Says:

    You’ve got some really great taste in figures. Might I ask where you got your Taiga? I know it’s hard to find her ever since the anime aired.

    • Nopy Says:

      I got her at, but unfortunately I think they’re sold out. You could try searching for it at lesser known anime stores online, if you find one just look for people’s comments on the store to make sure they don’t sell bootlegs.

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