Eri Sawachikawa

School Rumble is one of my favourite anime and Eri is one of my favourite characters, so that’s why I bought this figure. I especially like the bikini she’s wearing and her body was sculpted fairly decently.

The only thing that really bugs me about this figure is Eri’s face and hair. There’s just something about her face that doesn’t look right (the facial expression maybe?), and her hair is way too dark for a blonde. There’s also little things like mold lines on her legs, but overall I think she looks ok.

It would’ve been nice if Eri came with a beach chair or something to lay on, but all they give you is this flat plane with a couple pegs to keep Eri from sliding off.

I haven’t found a good place to put her yet, so for now she’s sitting on top of my xbox 360. I just got to remember to take her off when I turn it on or else she might melt ^.^;


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