Meifeng Liu

Ok, I said I would post some pictures of the new figures I got, so here’s the first set. I decided to open my figures by biggest box first and so I’m going to post pictures in that order too. First up is Meifeng Liu; as many other owners of this figure have pointed out, taking off and putting on her clothes is a real pain (that sounds kinda dirty). It took me about an hour to take off her clothes to get the plastic underneath out. I’m not a photographer so don’t expect good pictures, but here’s the first set:

I thought that Meifeng’s lingerie was a little too plain, even with the ribbons they added to make it stand out more.

Next, I have some pictures of Meifeng in her dress. The top part of the dress was especially hard to get on. As you can see from the pictures above, there are no seam lines on her body, that’s because the top and bottom parts of her body are separated just under the bra. Since the top of her body is separated just below the bra, that means that when you’re putting the dress on, you have to stretch it over a wider area and somehow slide it down to her waist which is much narrower. It took me about 2 hours and a lot of force to finally get her dress on. I’m so glad I didn’t break anything in the process.

After stretching her dress so much trying to get it on, it was much easier pulling it off and only took me a few minutes. I was dreading having to put on her battle torn dress but it was surprisingly much easier to get on. I guess all the torn parts means that it stretches easier then the full dress. This is actually my favourite version of her.

I took a pic of all of Meifeng’s clothing before putting it on. You can see that the upper part of the dress isn’t very big.

As I mentioned in the previous post, Meifeng comes with a booklet and drama cd. Everything in the drama cd is in Japanese so I didn’t understand anything, but the booklet had some nice artwork to look at.

Other than the difficulty in removing and putting on her clothes, I think this is a great figure. She’s very detailed and I haven’t been able to find any production flaws in mine. I also don’t have to worry about her leaning because there’s a piece of metal in her leg for support and which you stick into the base. I considered leaving her on my desk, but she looks downwards slightly so I couldn’t really see her face so I decided to put her on the shelf by my dreamcast and xbox 360.


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