Louise Valliere

Zero no Tsukaima isn’t exactly one of my favourite anime, but I like tsundere characters like Louise which is why I got this figure.

panty shot ~.^

This figure by Alter is pretty popular, so I was lucky to get one. The store I bought it from doesn’t have it listed any more so I guess they sold out sometime after I ordered mine ^.^

I think the facial expression on this figure looks exactly like Louise and her proportions look about right. The dress is nice, but it isn’t too flashy so I don’t have to worry about it distracting me from work. The only downsides I found with this figure is the seamline on the top of her head and the cheap base. Since the seamline is in the hair, I think they could’ve tried to hide it somehow by having some of the hair overlap it or something. It would give Louise a different look, but I’m sure a good sculptor would be able to make her still look good. The other thing I thought could’ve been done better was the base. As you can see in the pictures, it’s just a thin yellow piece of plastic. To be fair, there are a lot of figure bases that are just a piece of plastic, but they could’ve at least chosen a nicer colour. Other than that seamline and the base, I think this is a nice figure to look at. The paint job was done really well and I couldn’t find any flaws. I put her on my desk beside my calendar so now I can look at her every day 🙂


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