Konomi Yuzuhara

Ok, here is the last figure from my figure splurge, Konomi Yuzuhara from To Heart 2. Konomi is now the cutest non-nendoroid figure that I own and poses in a pink swimsuit for everyone to admire 🙂

I never knew Konomi had such a big bottom, her swimsuit doesn’t even fit properly o.o

I couldn’t find any flaws with Konomi, and the only thing that I can think of that any To Heart fan wouldn’t want this figure, is that her hair looks a little like it’s all clumped together.

This Konomi figure comes with two accessories that you can put on to make her look even cuter ^.^

One of the things I noticed before I even took Konomi out of her box was that she was heavier than most figures. Well, when I opened the box, it wasn’t the figure itself that was heavy, but the base. Konomi comes with a pretty fancy base where one side is rough and sandy to represent the beach and the other side is a mirror. The mirror is actually what made the box feel heavy, and I think it’s a nice addition.

I thought the mirror side of the base looked nicer so I stuck with that side. Currently Konomi sits beside Tsukino, two girls in swimsuits is always better than one 🙂

Well, that’s it for the figures from my figure splurge.


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