I’m sure if you’re an anime fan, you have heard of Bleach, and maybe even spent some time watching it. I remember when Bleach first came out, it looked so promising; there were swords, big blasts of energy, and all the cool-looking enemies (ie: the captains of the 13 squads). I remember watching the series up to about 10 episodes after they recued Rukia from Soul Society, then it all went downhill. Everyone somehow seemed weaker than they were before and there didn’t really seem to be much plot left. At that point I stopped watching the show, but recently I picked it up again since one of my friends said it got better.

That was a total mistake.

I skimmed through the whole part about modified souls and only watched a few episodes from when the Bounto attack Soul Society. I started watching all the episodes at around episode 110, when the Vizards appear and Ichigo starts learning how to control his hollow powers. I kept watching the series, but something really bugged me about it. At first I thought that maybe it was because they kept using Spanish names like “Espada”, “Las Noches”, and “Heuco Mundo” in a Japanese show, but that wasn’t it.

Then, at around episode 150, it finally hit me. What had been bugging me for the past 40 episodes was that the writers of Bleach were just retelling the first part of the series again. For those of you who don’t see the parallels, let me expalin. First off, Ichigo has just mastered his Hollow powers, but is still relatively weak since he can only use them for 11 seconds. This is similar to when he obtained his Shinigami powers and was just a weakling. Then, Ichigo and company travel to Hueco Mundo to rescue Inoue from all the bad guys, almost exactly the same situation as when they travelled to Soul Society to rescue Rukia. While in Hueco Mundo, they befriend some local residents that help them get into Las Noches, which is where all the strong bad guys are. Once again, this is just like when they went to Soul Society and with the help of some friends managed to get into Seiteirei, which is where all of the Shinigami are.

As you can see, the Hueco Mundo arc is following the script for the Soul Society arc almost to the letter. I guess this is good if you don’t mind rewatching the same thing and really liked the Soul Society arc, but now that I know what’s going to happen, I’ve just lost interest in Bleach again. It’s so sad to see an anime start off so well but end so horribly.


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