Schneizel Nukes Toronto, or not

If you have watched episode 23 of Code Geass R2, then you know how dumb the series has gotten. I’m not going to focus on what has gone terribly wrong with the anime since you can probably find more info on other blogs. What I want to look at is the map of the cities that Schneizel plans to use FLEIA on.

At first I didn’t think much of it, he was just targetting some major world cities, one of which appears at first to be Toronto. But when I was looking at the map above, I noticed that the target near the Great Lakes is not where Toronto is. Toronto is located along Lake Ontario (the eastern-most lake for those who don’t know), but the target on that map is north of Lake Ontario and east of Lake Huron. I didn’t know of any cities in that area so I opened up google maps and this is what I found:

According to Wikipedia, Huntsville is just a small town with a population of under 20000. So far, all of the cities in Code Geass have been located where they should be (except Pendragon, which is a fictional city) so I highly doubt that the production staff at Sunrise were planning to target Huntsville when they drew up that map, and were actually trying to target Toronto. I guess with the way that Code Geass is turning out, we can’t even expect the makers of Code Geass to look up some geography.


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2 Responses to “Schneizel Nukes Toronto, or not”

  1. Negate Says:

    ai, code geass already takes place in a alternate earth atmosphere so i doubt they would look at current geography for the series. The series is a let down, they should have ended it when lelouch became emperor.

  2. Jauffe Says:

    They couldn’t end the series when Lelouch became emperor, he did not work for all of that, he honestly worked for a new world of tomorrow for his sister.

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