1 Week Until Disgaea DS Release!

Today is Tuesday September 16, and that means that there’s only 1 more week until Disgaea is finally released on the DS in North America (September 23). I first played Disgaea a few years back on the PS2 and it quickly became one of my favourite games. Not only was the plot actually funny, but the characters were soooo cute (I guess I’m a sucker for anime-like characters with huge eyes and rounded faces). What I’m looking forward to in this release is being able to use Pleinair, who was originally a non-playable character ^.^

I also hear that there will be a map overview on the top screen. This would be really helpful considering the number of times I’ve thrown my  characters beside enemies only to find out that there was a cliff and I’m actually a couple squares off ^.^; There also appears to be a few changes to the battle system, but you can read up on those by searching through google.

To end my post, I thought I’d share a pic I found (I have no clue who made it) of some Disgaea 2 characters doing a Gurren Lagann cosplay 😀


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