Misdialed Calls

I don’t know if it’s just me or if this happens to other people, but for some reason I tend to get a lot of calls from strangers who have misdialed a phone number. This year I’ve gotten calls from people looking for Tom, Daniel, Rob, Ben, John (x3), Ryan, and their mom. The call looking for their mom was understandable since it was just a kid, but people should really learn how to punch in some numbers on a phone.

I think the most inconvenient call I’ve gotten was during a meeting at my summer job. I just quickly answered and hung up and put my phone back in my pocket, but my phone went off 3 more times and I hung up 3 more times. After being cut off 4 times, I think that any normal person would get the hint that the person they’re calling doesn’t want to answer the phone. So when my phone went off the 5th time I figured it must be some kind of emergency and I stepped out of the room and answered the call. It turns out it was just some girl looking for her boyfriend -.-

Calls like that just make me wonder what is wrong with some people. When I call someone and they hang up right away, I don’t bother calling them again until later because I know they are busy and can’t talk at the moment. Not only did this girl not get the hint after 4 calls, but it was her boyfriend that she was calling. You would figure that a girl would have her boyfriend’s phone number saved to the phone memory or at least have dialed his number enough times to get it right, but apparently not.

So the next time you make a call, please (I’m begging you) make sure the number is correct. And if someone hangs up on you right after answering the phone, wait at least 5 minutes before calling them back, you would be doing them a big favour.


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