Megami Magazine Vol. 100

Last week I ordered Megami Magazine Vol. 100 before they were sold out and I finally got it in the mail today. Unfortunately, the magazine came in a thin cardboard envelope without any bubble wrap so the corners were dented a bit.

This is the first anime magazine I’ve ever bought, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about Megami Magazine and I certainly wasn’t disappointed with the content. There were a lot of posters that you can look at; I took some pics of my favourite ones:

Mika and Haruka Nogizaka along with what appears to be a Yuuto doll from Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu.

Tomoyo is my second-favourite Clannad character after Kotomi.

A “docking” scene ^.^;

The girls from Zero no Tsukaima taking a bath together.

More girls from Zero no Tsukaima.

I’ve never played or watched To Heart 2, but I really like this poster of Tamaki Kosaka.

Right now I’m debating whether or not to cut these posters out of the magazine so I can stick them on my wall. On one hand, I really hate it when any of my books get damaged and cutting pages out is about the worst thing you could do. But on the other hand, I really like these posters and it would be really nice to be able to look at them every day. I guess if I don’t make up my mind soon they’ll just end up staying in the magazine.

Besides all the nice posters, Megami Magazine also has a bunch of articles on stuff, but I can’t read Japanese so I can’t tell you what this “stuff” is. Although I have no clue what the text says, there’s still some more nice pictures to look at:

As part of their 100th volume celebration, the magazine also came with a memorial book. Inside are pictures from I believe some of the older volumes and some more text that I can’t read 🙂

Along with the memorial book, there was a large poster inserted into the magazine. One side is promoting the first Nanoha movie, and the other side is Lucky Star.

I really liked this magazine so I decided to buy a 1-year subscription (there goes all my money again). I hear Vol. 101 is already out so I should be getting it in a couple weeks or so. I bought from a different store this time so hopefully they do a better job of packaging than the store I bought this volume from.


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2 Responses to “Megami Magazine Vol. 100”

  1. DarkdaemonPK2 Says:

    I basically hate magical girls(maho shoujo genre) so when I saw the magical girl pictures, I started to shake very violenty and cringed really hard. I dont have a very good reason why I hate magical girls, but the only thing that pops in my mind when I see ’em is to “crush and destroy” By the way, I like Kotomi of clannad and Tomoyo too, although thier eyes are ridiculously large though…

  2. Toshio Says:


    I got this issue at traveling to Fukuoka.
    It is written about noon making for Lyrical Nanoha movie edition.
    I hope to see Nanoha Movie sooner.

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