Pixie Hiyori – To Buy or Not To Buy

Those of you who are really into figures will probably have already seen this 1/8 scale figure of Hiyori Pixie from Chu X Chu Idol by Good Smile Company. She has a retail price of 7200 yen which is roughly ~$70CDN and will be released in January. When I saw this figure the first thing I thought was “I want one”, but then I decided to reconsider. Yes, she looks cute, and yes, there’s a pumpkin on her head, which makes her even more awesome, but there’s something stopping me from buying her.

As you can see from the pictures, all she’s wearing are some ribbons and some frilly things around her legs. I wouldn’t even call that heart thing between her legs clothing. There’s no way I’d be able to explain owning this figure to my family/friends if they ever saw it. Owning a few bikini figures is borderline pervy, but getting a naked figure (yes, she’s cast-offable, see below) will just get me weird looks from everyone and/or a trip to a mental institute.

So as much as I like this figure, I’m going to have to pass up on getting her. I also have 8 figures preordered already so this’ll give my credit card a break.

Note: All images were taken from the Good Smile Company website.


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