Melissa Seraphy Nendoroid Ordered

Well, since I decided not to get the Pixie Hiyori figure by Good Smile Company, to make up for it I decided to get a Melissa Seraphy Nendoroid. As you can see, she also carries around a cute little pumpkin. I think it’s the perfect figure to get since Halloween is just several weeks away.

This figure has been out for quite some time now so most (by most I mean all) of the stores I usually check out were sold out. So what was my solution? I searched on google. Lukily, I found a store called Manga World located right here in Canada that had the figure. The selling price was $40 which is higher than the listed price (3500 yen ~ $35) but that’s expected considering they have to pay to have it shipped to Canada from Japan. So I went ahead and bought the figure, but they charged me $14 for shipping, which seems kinda high to ship something so small within the country. Anyways, I checked their site again after I purchased Melissa and they didn’t have it listed anymore so I guess I lucked out and got the last one ^.^

I will post my own pictures of Melissa once I get her in the mail, so if anyone’s interested just come back next week 🙂


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