Disgaea DS

I haven’t posted anything these past couple of days mostly because I was busy playing Disgaea for the DS ^.^

The game is still just as fun as I remember it for the PS2. They also kept in the voices for most of the “cutscenes” if you can call them that. I guess they had to cut out some audio for the less important parts of the story to keep the game small enough to work on the DS. Right now I’m in chapter 4 of my first run through the story and my characters are around level 25. They’re still too weak to go up against the Dark Assembly, but I’m leveling them up in the item world and getting a bunch of HL in the process 🙂

The only downside I’ve seen so far with the DS version is that some of the more flashy attacks seem a bit slower than in the PS2 version. “Nightsever” is one of those attacks that seem slower, and it sucks since I use it so much. Other than that, everything else like geo panels and throwing seem to work the same as before. I took a little video of one of the chains I made with geo panels in the item world. Unfortunately, I messed up the position of the second-last geo symbol and didn’t clear off all of the panels.


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