Megami Magazine Vol. 101

I finally got my copy of Megami Magazine Volume 101 earlier this week. The packaging has “Do Not Bend” in big black letters so someone tried to bend it in half; I really hate people like that. One thing about Megami Magazine is that they have what look like fan-made manga inserted between some pages that only stick out halfway from the spine. So when the magazine was bent, all of the regular pages ended up getting these little folds where the manga pages ended. Fortunately the folds weren’t too deep so I was able to straighten out the poster pages. Well, that’s enough rambling about the postal service. I took pictures of all the posters this time, and here they are:

The first poster is of Kagami and Tsukasa from Lucky Star. Personally, I think this poster looks a little bit weird. I think maybe their hair colour is off.

On the other side of the Lucky Star poster is Haruka in a maid uniform ^.^ This one is definitely going up on my wall, no point trying to keep the magazine in good condition when it’s already damaged.

More Zero no Tsukaima in this issue. I wonder why Louise has a towel ready to cover herself when they’re changing behind the tarp.

A nice pic of Birdy from Tetsuwan Birdy Decode. I swear, steam and bath foam has something against us guys.

I’ve only read the first volume of Negima, so I can’t remember any of these girls’ names.

I haven’t seen Ikkitousen, but this poster would be very good advertising for it. Makes me consider taking a look at the anime.

Hidamari Sketch was too loli for me. I prefer girls to be a bit closer to my age or at least look like they’re in they’re teens.

Some more loli material. No clue where they’re from.

I watched a couple of eps of Koihime Musou, but the plot didn’t really interest me so I dropped it.

Looks like some of the girls from Clannad are out for a festival. I wish they had a poster of Kotomi 😦

Yoko looks like she has some sunburns in this picture.

I think Nia looks really weird here, maybe she got some sunburns too.

bluish-white hair = win.

Don’t know which anime the rest of the posters are from. Maybe that’s why they’re at the back of the magazine?

That’s it for the posters in the magazine, but of course there’s also a whole bunch of articles which have more nice pictures to look at 🙂

A couple pages on Gurren Lagann. I’m guessing it’s talking about the upcoming movie.

There’s quite a few pages on new anime that will be coming out soon. I’m really looking forward to both Clannad After Story and Tora Dora this season. Both of these will actually begin airing this week in Japan. Clannad will air on Oct. 3, and Tora Dora will air on Oct. 1.

Like I said before, there’s these little manga pages inserted in the magazine. Here’s one of Zero no Tsukaima. I wish I knew what they were saying :/

The Lucky Star OVA came out a couple days ago. I’m still waiting for some subs before I watch it.

The Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni OVA (OAV) will be coming out on DVD on Dec. 26, and it’ll be out on Blu-ray on Jan. 23, 2009. I wish the release date was a little bit earlier, Higurashi was one of my favourite anime.

Some info on Penguin Musume and Hidamari Sketch. I would’ve liked it if they had some posters of Sakura Nankyoku, she’s so cool ^.^

At the back of the magazine is some info on adult games. I wonder if people in Japan have a problem with promoting adult material in a magazine that anyone can buy. I also noticed that all of the games were labelled with Win, PS2, PSP, or NDS. I guess the PS3 isn’t very popular even on its home turf.

On the back of the magazine is a lovely picture of Rika and Hanyu in some frilly dresses. I think Rika looks really cute with the cat ears and tail ^.^

There’s also a useful little table at the bottom with the release dates for the Higurashi OVA. It looks like I’ll have to wait until August of next year before the last episode is released 😦

And of course, with every issue of Megami Magazine comes a large double-sided poster. This one had Yoko from Gurren Lagann on one side and the girls from Strike Witches on the other.


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2 Responses to “Megami Magazine Vol. 101”

  1. Anonymous Coward Says:

    I love my yoko poster too.

  2. TriPp Says:

    2 years late, but I just found this blog 😀
    I ❤ Nia, she's awesome. Oh, the poster under Hidamari Sketch looks like Rima and Amu from Shugo Chara ^.^ Don't recognize the rest of the unidentified stuff, though.

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