Penguin Musume Heart ep. 15 & Code Geass Ending

Well, I just finished watching ep 15 of Penguin Musume. This episode involved Etorofu hijacking the Nankyoku time machine and going back in time to get rid of an embarrasing event. Of course, with any show that involves time travel there are unwanted consequences. At the end of the episode it appears that Pen-chan (Sakura) is no longer the main character and the anime is now called Shirokuma-ojousama Heart. I guess this is how Shirokuma gets her fortune/company back after going into bankruptcy.

So, after watching this ep, I started to wonder what I would do if I could go back in time to change something. If someone gave me a time machine right now, I would travel back a few years and tell the producers of Code Geass R2 to change the ending ^.^

(spoilers below for anyone that hasn’t seen the ending to Code Geass)

When I was watching the last ep of Geass I was so happy when Suzaku died. That bastard killed my favourite disposable character, Monica Kruszewski (the Knight of Twelve). I don’t think she got more than a few minutes of screen time, but she was still cool.

It was also partially Suzaku’s fault that Shirley got killed since he was supposed to be watching her, and I can’t even remember how many times he’s switched sides now.

What also sucked about this episode is obviously Lelouch’s death. The fact that it was Suzaku that killed him too doesn’t makes me hate him even more. I’m sure that most people predicted that the ending would see either Lelouch gain control of the world or see him die in a blaze of glory, taking everyone with him (or at least that’s what I predicted). But no, he just gets stabbed in the chest and slides down his big moving throne thing and dies with Nunally holding his hand (they could’ve at least made him die in Nunally’s arms or something). Speaking of Nunally, I really thought she looked like she was plucked straight out of Star Wars.

So after Lelouch dies, the world is at peace and magically, everyone turns out happy. Kallen goes back to school, Nunally is still in a wheelchair but at least she’s enslaved Suzaku and has him pushing her around, and Ohgi and Villeta get married.

Is that the girl that stole Lelouch’s hat behind Rivalz?

Anyways, I think the most “wtf” ending was Orange-kun picking oranges with his new loli girlfriend…

Seriously, who in their right mind would want to pick oranges for a living? And why is Anya even with Orange-kun?

A nice shot of CC before the episode ends. CC was one of my favourite characters, but when you think about it, the plot wouldn’t have changed much if she didn’t exist. Other than giving Lelouch his geass she didn’t have any other important purpose other than looking sexy and advertising for pizza hut.

So if I could change the past, what would my ending be like? I would’ve just ended it once Lelouch became emporer rather than try to drag it out and make a happy ending for everyone (minus the main character). Either that or I would go back in time and tell myself how the cliffhanger from the first season ended and not to watch the second season.

Well, that’s it for my combined post, I was too lazy to write 2 separate ones. On a side note, chibi Pen-chan is so cute ^.^


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One Response to “Penguin Musume Heart ep. 15 & Code Geass Ending”

  1. Zara Covington Says:

    the last episode made me sad. I love the fact that the world is at peace, but i hate the fact that Lelouch dies. but the last one was the best episode out of all of them.

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