Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ep. 12

I finally found some time to watch the last ep of Nogizaka Haruka. This episode continues off of ep 11, which saw Yuuto whisked away on a supersonic jet to a private island that the Nogizaka’s just bought for Haruka’s 17th birthday. Man, I wish I had enough money to buy my own island. Anyways, there wasn’t as much fanservice in this episode as the previous one since they needed to conclude the series.

One of the things I found funny in the last two episodes was the blond foreign guy. His last name is Sutherland and he used some english words in episode 11, suggesting that he’s English, but for some reason he calls Haruka “fraulein Haruka”. For those of you who don’t know, “fraulein” is a German word and can be translated as “miss”, so “Miss Haruka” is actually what he’s saying. I think the creator(s) of Haruka just got their languages mixed up, which seems to happen a lot in anime.

My guess as to who the old dude with the sunglasses in ep. 11 turned out to be right 🙂 I figured that since he was on the island and knew about Yuuto that he had to be close to the Nogizaka family, and he looks a lot like Haruka’s father so I guessed he was her grandfather and I was right (yay me).

Other than trying to figure out who the old guy was, the ending was pretty much what you’d expect from a 12-episode romance/comedy. Yuuto and Haruka have an almost-kiss on Haruka’s bed when everyone comes tumbling through the door, apparently eavesdropping. Haruka’s father gets those wavy purple things after seeing what Yuuto and Haruka were about to do and takes out his samurai sword. The episode ends with him chasing both Yuuto and Haruka down the beach. Oh, and there were a bunch of random pics of everyone at Akihabara during the ending credits.

Overall, I thought Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu was an average anime. There were some funny parts here and there but it wasn’t consistent throughout, and it was too short to build up any serious obstacles in the development of Yuuto’s and Haruka’s relationship. There was also that whole “we actually met as kids in the past” thing which I think is used way too much in anime. Seriously, its like every love story in anime involves a boy and girl meeting and one of them helping the other, then meeting again several years later as teens and going out with each other. If life actually worked this way, I would’ve helped out as many girls as I could when I was a kid. Hopefully there will be a second season coming out. Since Yuuto and Haruka are actually going out now, I’m guessing if there is a next season, it will see more drama than the first as they face some relationship problems and maybe even some competition 🙂

So I guess that’s it for Haruka until enough fans demand a second season *nudge nudge*.


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