Megami Magazine Vol. 102

After two weeks of waiting, my copy of Megami Magazine volume 102 arrived in the mail this morning. When I opened the packaging, I was surprised to find that not only did it not get damaged during shipping, but it also came with a copy of Megami Creators (a separate magazine by the same people, featuring artwork from various artists).

When I opened the bundle, two things also fell out: a JAST USA catalog, and a JAST trading card, lots of goodies this time šŸ™‚

I’m just going to take a look at Megami Magazine for now, will take pics of Creators later.

As usual, here are all the posters that come in the magazine:

I really like Taiga from Tora Dora, but I wish they had a better poster of her in here.

Yoko seems to have lost her top. I wonder if she’s noticed.

Toaru Majutsu no Index looks pretty good so far, but I find Index’s voice kinda annoying. Does anyone else feel the same way?

OMG, Haruka in a wedding dress! She looks so smexy ~.^

The magical girl wand part in Kannagi was pretty funny, but I didn’t think the anime had a very good plotline. Knowing anime, Nagi will end up falling in love with the male character and they will have to overcome some obstacle to stay together.

When I see a poster like this one I just have to wonder how this situation came about. I remember both Ilcocoo and Tabitha were naked at some point in Zero no Tsukaima, but not naked and in aprons >.>

I wonder why Emuemu carries around a tranquilizer gun when she fights robots…

A cute witch reminding us that Halloweeen is just around the corner.

The “ef” series has nice artwork, but I can never get into the story, I always end up falling asleep.

Clannad posters are always good. I loved how Kotomi calculated where the pitcher was going to throw the ball when she was at bat in the first episode of After Story.

I wonder if they’ll explain the purpose of the girl and the robot any time soon.

I’ve never heard of Zettai Shougeki – Platinic Heart, but I see a nurse uniform and police uniform so it’s gotta be somewhat good, right?

When you compare Tanarot to other characters, she looks like some kind of midget, or a really developed little girl.

I’m still waiting for subs for Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae šŸ˜¦

I didn’t think Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka left much of an impact. It looks just likeĀ your averageĀ harem anime.

This volume of Megami Magazine had several pages dedicated to Clannad After Story. No clue what any of it said, but here’s one of the pages.

Maybe there’s something in there explaining the girl and the robot. I wish I could read Japanese šŸ˜¦

Looks like some general information on Tora Dora and some character stats. Takasu’s mother looks more like she’s in her 20’s rather than a mother of a teenager.

Kannagi and Kemeko Deluxe with more character stats. I wonder how Emuemu fits inside Kemeko, it’s not physically possible :/

Ā Yozakura Quartet and Macademi Wasshoi. I don’t remember seeing that green-haired girl in Macademi, maybe she’ll show up later.

Strike Witches, I haven’t seen this series, but I have seen lots of screenshots and random images, and I have one question: Does anyone wear pants?

Like the last volume, this one also has some Zero no Tsukaima manga to read.

It looks like rumours of a bonus Code Geass episode were false, but hey, at least C.C. is still around.

There was so much hype over the Lucky Star OVA, but I thought it was just like any other episode of Lucky Star (not saying it was bad, I was just hoping for more). I guess part of the reason why I wasn’t “wowed” by the OVA was because there was so much info released about it beforehand that you were pretty much expecting everything that happened to happen.

Like the last volume, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni was again on the back of the magazine. Unfortunately, this time it comes with bad news. It looks like the release dates for the OVA have been pushed back, so the first dvd will be released on Feb. 25, 2009 rather than Dec. 26, 2008.

I mentioned that I also got a JAST USA catalog with my magazine and here it is. On one side is a list of some dating-sims and eroge (there’s actually quite a number of eroge), and on the other side is a poster of some girls, one of which is naked. It’s amazing how all of her parts have remained covered in this poster.

There was also that JAST card along with the brochure. Now, I think JAST just sells games so I was wondering what kind of trading card they would have, and when I opened the little packet, I found this:

Schoolgirl bondage…

Needless to say, the card kinda took me by surprise. I don’t even know what to do with it now. If anyone is collecting these and wants my card, I’d be happy to mail it anywhere in Canada.

Last but not least is the large poster that comes with every volume of Megami Magazine:

This time the poster is a long, thin one rather than a regular sized poster. On one side is Nagisa from Clannad in her PJs.

On the other side is my favourite clannad character , Kotomi, wearing a pretty white dress. I had been hoping forĀ a Kotomi poster to show up one day and my wish came true, time to make some room on my walls ^.^

I probably won’t be posting anything else for a few days since I have a couple exams to study for this week. If you want to see what’s inside Megami Creators Vol. 13, I’ll probably post some pics on Friday night or Saturday.


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