Haruka Oppai Mousepad

I’ve been so busy with exams and finishing reports recently that I was surprised to find a package waiting for me at home today. When I opened it I found volume 2 of Dengeki G’s Festival! Anime, along with the goodies that come with it ^.^

The box on the left is where all the goodies are, and on the right is the actual magazine.

There was some kind of warning message in the box, I wish I knew what it said :/

And underneath the warning message is all the goodies (yay!).

Ok, to tell you the truth, the only reason I bought this magazine was because I wanted this Haruka oppai mousepad. I’ve been mousepad-less for nearly two years now so I thought I’d finally start using one again and this one just happened to come with a bunch of anime stuff (that’s the excuse I’ll use if anyone asks about it).

So what’s the first thing a guy does after getting an oppai mousepad? I think the answer is pretty obvious.

The mousepad is actually really soft and comfortable (and squishy *squish*). The only downside is that my mouse covers Haruka’s face most of the time.

The other goodies that also came with the magazine are some stickers and pins. I haven’t decided what to do with these yet. They’ll probably end up in a box in my closet.


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2 Responses to “Haruka Oppai Mousepad”

  1. Ogaiht Says:

    Any idea when you will have Macademi Wasshoi ready to release?
    Thx for your hard work man.

  2. Nopy Says:

    I do not release anime, I suggest you look elsewhere.

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