Clannad After Story 2009 Calendar

So yesterday I received a huge box from Japan, but I put off opening it until really late because I had a test the next day. Well, I was curious to see what was inside because I didn’t remember ordering anything that big, so I opened it before going to bed and found a whole bunch of packing paper…

Needless to say, I was a bit confused, so I emptied the box and found this at the bottom:

Now I had ordered this Clannad After Story calendar, but I had expected it to come in a regular package used for things like documents, not an actual box. I guess that’s why the shipping cost was so high, I got sent a bunch of air and paper from Japan.

The calendar is actually pretty nice with some wonderfully coloured pages. Unfortunately, they put two months on a page so there aren’t as many pictures as I had hoped 😦

For January and February, there’s a nice picture of the Fujibayashi sisters, Kotomi, and Nagisa. I wonder where Nagisa got that giant dango from…

Fuko makes an appearance in March and April.

I like this one for May and June. I wish I could have three pretty girls wake me up in the morning instead of a noisy alarm clock.

I swear I’ve seen that background somewhere before.

They have too much Nagisa and Kyou, and not enough Tomoyo and Kotomi 😦

This seventh picture is for the 2010 calendar, which was all squished into one page.

And here’s the back of the calendar. Poor Sunohara always makes a fool out of himself 😦

This calendar was a bit pricey, especially with the shipping, but I liked all the pictures, and having an anime calendar is way better than having one from the bank or some charity.


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2 Responses to “Clannad After Story 2009 Calendar”

  1. phossil Says:

    I really like the pictures from this calendar. It makes me order one for myself right away.

    I only have calendars from my job institution and some from the bank.

  2. manga fan!! Says:


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