Macademi Wasshoi ep. 6

After the trauma that was episode 5 (if you haven’t seen it I suggest you don’t), I went ahead and watched episode 6 of Macademi Wasshoi.


This episode went back to the focusing on the pretty girls of Macademi Wasshoi rather than half-naked muscle men *shudder*. In particular, the episode was mostly dedicated to my favourite character, Suzuho Hasegawa.


If you’ve been following Macademi Wasshoi, you would know that our mute heroine doesn’t have many friends (actually she doesn’t have any if you discount Takuto) at the Academy. That all changes one day when she and Tanarotte were (literally) tearing up the school.


Metalys, the homosexual robot gets his magic sucked out of him by Suzuho and instantly falls (actually, more like passes out) for her.

Suzuho: The Cure for Gay Robots XD


The next portion of the episode envolved Suzuho and Metalys hanging out at various places around the school with Metalys blushing and Suzuho looking troubled. Typically what you would expect to see in anime. Suzuho then gets assigned to fight some monster that attacking some ball thingy (I think the writers need more ideas) and ends up in a pretty little maid’s dress courtesy of the pervert professor, Sakuma Eitarou ^.^


The fight that ensued wasn’t anything special, just your average shots of light that always miss and the monster being vanquished.


Suzuho then proceeds to pass out (after winning a fight?) and Metalys ends up saving the day.

I thought the plot for this episode was kinda cheesy, but if you’re watching Macademi Wasshoi for the plot, you must be very desperate. Lots of good shots of Suzuho though.

The last five minutes of the episode involved Miyabi and Synclavier’s escape from Eitarou’s clutches. Miyabi is actually my second favourite character in the series, I just love girls in miko clothes ^.^


After all the seriousness in the previous parts of the episode, the escape offered some humour to lighten the mood.


Not only does Eitarou make Miyabi and Synclavier work endlessly on his manga, he also makes them wear aprons naked and puts them on leashes >.> lucky guy


The fanservice in this show is great, I wish I had a better quality version of this pic 🙂


Here we see Miyabi and Synclavier escaping through an underground tunnel, only to end up back in Eitarou’s office 😦 I have to wonder what Synclavier is looking at right now though…


There was also a new character shown at the end of the episode, a red-headed cutesy-looking maid (who also turns out to be a masochist).

So far there’s still no sign of a real story in Macademi Wasshoi, but at least all the characters (all the female ones at least) are nice to look at and it looks like they’re still introducing more of them ^.^


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3 Responses to “Macademi Wasshoi ep. 6”

  1. phossil Says:

    They look very moe when wearing maid dresses!!

  2. female characters overdone Says:

    I could care less for the woman. fanservice is so overdone.. the gay robot I don’t mind though. HE SHOULD BE THE MAIN MAIN STAR

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