Hayate Yagami Figure Shipped

I just checked my email and it looks like my preorder of Alter’s Hayate Yagami figure has finally been shipped. I preordered this figure last summer, but it wasn’t released until yesterday, so I can expect it in the mail in the next few weeks ^.^


Unfortunately, I preordered this back when everything cost a lot (like gold and oil) so I thought that with shipping the figure would only cost me about $140. However, it looks like the price of gold and oil and other natural resources have dropped, and since the canadian dollar is largely based on the price of natural resources, its value compared to other currencies has dropped as well. That means that this figure actually cost me $190 with shipping since I wasn’t charged until now 😦

I really hope its as good as the pictures.


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One Response to “Hayate Yagami Figure Shipped”

  1. phossil Says:

    Cant wait to see the arriving photo shoot. ^_^

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