Megami Magazine Vol. 103

After waiting a month for my copy of Megami Magazine volume 103, I thought it would never arrive. Luckily, I was proven wrong and I finally received it a few days ago. A quick look at the package explains why it took so long to get here:


It looks like the CBSA decided to do a random inspection of my package to look for any illegal material. It’s good to know that those guys are doing their jobs and keeping bad things out of the country, but I wish it didn’t delay delivery by so much.

Anyways, on to the magazine:


This volume focuses on the panty paradise that is Strike Witches. I had actually expected them to have done this earlier considering Strike Witches has been airing for a while now. I watched the first episode of the series and the character designs were nice, but all the panty flashing was just too much for me to handle. That and the fact that girls flying around with propellers strapped to their legs and shooting aliens is just a little silly.

Now moving on to the posters:


I haven’t seen this anime, but swimsuits are always good 🙂


The so-called “flat-chested goddess” Nagi from Kannagi seemed to be pretty popular, but that popularity has seemed to drop due to some rumour that she’s not a virgin. Sometimes I wonder what goes through the minds of people who would even care if a fictitious character is a virgin or not.



Sanae = Super-MILF


Does Index ever wash her clothes? It seems like she’s always wearing the same ones.



*nosebleed* one word: HAWT!


I’m sure a lot of guys would like to have x-ray vision like this 🙂



The characters in Macademi Wasshoi really do look like children. It’s a good thing Megami Magazine doesn’t have any nudity or I might’ve had the police knocking on my door since it was inspected at the border.



For once, bathing steam is a good thing. As I mentioned before, no nudity = no police.


This picture looked so casual at first, but then I noticed something weird. Who brushes their teeth in their bed? Wouldn’t you normally do that by the sink?



Don’t particularly like the art in the two pictures above. The faces in both of them seem too pudgy.


I’m sure Kagami x Konata fans would like to have this poster.



Hmm, not sure which anime this is from, but the girls look nice.


This volume sure does look like it has a lot of stuff pedobear would enjoy…


M.M. is my favourite character in Kemeko DX, but she just doesn’t look right here. Maybe her face was just drawn differently.


pillow fight!


That’s all for the posters in this volume. Other than the one with Haruka and Shiina, I didn’t think any of them really stood out. There were also quite a few posters featuring loli characters, not sure if that was intentional or not.

It looks like Clannad is slowly disappearing from the magazine, but at least there was the poster of Sanae, and this advertisement featuring Nagisa:


It looks like the first DVD for Clannad ~After Story~ went on sale a couple days ago.


Macademi Wasshoi and Kemeko DX have been in the last few volumes of Megami Magazine. I guess they’re just that popular.


There hasn’t been much news on the new Nanoha movie lately. Does anyone know when it comes out?


Like I said before, this volume focuses on Strike Witches so there were quite a few pages on it. I thought it was funny how the character pages zoomed in on the panties for all the girls.



In the middle of the magazine was this little pink envelope.


Inside the envelope was a Weib Schwarz card of the lovely Fate from Nanoha StrikerS.


This was something interesting I spotted in the games section. Looks like there’s going to be a Haruhi game for the Wii. I wonder if they’ll make an english version.


The back of the magazine had a couple of pages advertising the Weib Schwarz cards.


The big poster that came with this volume has the same image as the one featured on the cover with Yoshika Miyafuji, Francesca Lucchini, and Lynette Bishop.


The other side of the poster has Taiga Aisaka and Minori Kushieda at the beach.

Overall, I didn’t really like this volume as much as the previous ones, probably because it didn’t have much stuff from anime that I’m currently watching. Hopefully the next volume (which was shipped last week) will be a bit better.


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2 Responses to “Megami Magazine Vol. 103”

  1. phossil Says:

    Thanks for the photos and the review. I order mine but Im not as lucky as you in getting shipped. I think mine will be arriving next month (late January).

  2. Nopy Says:

    I hope it doesn’t take that long to get to you, waiting around for something really sucks 😦

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