Toradora ep. 9

I finally got around to watching episode 9 of Toradora.
This episode involved some funny events and even funnier reactions. It starts off with Taiga and Ryuji having a little badminton match to decide who should support the other first in their plan to get Kitamura to like Taiga and Minori to like Ryuji during their summer vacation trip to Ami’s place by the sea. During the match, Taiga gets “attacked” by a dog and forfeits.


I can see quite a few oppurtunities for photoshopping in this picture >.>

The next day Taiga and Ryuji head to the station and meet up with Kitamura and Minori who appear to be doing some kind of weird dance.


Ami arrives last, but looks as cute as ever 🙂 After the past few episodes, she’s become my favourite character, I don’t know why, I just like her.


Somehow, Taiga and Ryuji also get dragged into the dance. I love how there’s a guy in the background taking photos 😀


Ami’s reaction: I don’t know these people!


If my friends were doing something this weird in public, I would probably pretend not to know them and run away too.

Skipping ahead to when everyone’s at Ami’s summer house, Ryuji just happens to walk into the bathroom while Ami was in the shower:


Ami teases Ryuji a bit by trying to entice him to come in, but then opens the curtains and reveals that she wasn’t actually taking a shower (just cleaning the bath).



Ami is so hard to figure out sometimes, maybe that’s why I like her. You can’t tell if she actually likes Ryuji or if she’s just toying around with people for fun. My take on it is that she likes Ryuji not as a potential romantic interest, but just someone she can be close to and have fun with.

After the shower scene, Ryuji proceeds to complain to Taiga about how Ami was playing with his heart, so Taiga goes upstairs to confront Ami. The result: Taiga actually walks in on Ami taking a shower. Taiga’s reaction to seeing Ami naked was just priceless.


It was hilarious how Taiga described how Ami’s boobs were so huge, “boom and boom,”


and how Ami apparently doesn’t shave down there, “and here it was exploding!”


Of course, I’m sure any girl would be pretty angry if their body was being described to someone like that.

Another less memorable, but still entertaining reaction was when Taiga ran some seaweed across the back of Minori’s neck. She’s so cute when she’s scared ^.^


And we can’t forget everyone’s faces when Kitamura walked into the kitchen just holding a towel to cover himself:


I think Kitamura is secretly some kind of masochist. He used to like Taiga because of her dominating nature, he always hangs around the student council president (who seems to enjoy ordering everyone around), and he stated in a previous episode that he preferred Ami’s true (mean-spirited/evil) self over her cute self. Makes you wonder doesn’t it?


I also think Minori is a closet perv, I mean, why else would a girl take pictures of a guy with nothing but a towel covering himself.

Everyone’s reaction to Ryuji’s super-spicy curry was also somewhat entertaining. No exploding volcanoes though.



After all the fun and games, the episode finally got serious several minutes before the end. Not much has happened in the series so far so hopefully they’ll develop more on this. Ryuji finally gets to have some alone time with Minori out on the porch.


However, Minori tries to do her best to keep the conversation from getting serious. This makes me wonder if she’s hiding something. Throughout the series so far I don’t think there’s been one scene where Minori has been serious about something and not laughing.


Taiga also gets to spend some time with Kitamura, but it looks like she’s too nervous to say anything.


Of course, we all know that with this kind of anime, Taiga and Ryuji will end up being together. I think Taiga is starting to show her feelings for Ryuji in the scene below when she realizes that she gets along with him so much better than with Kitamura who she can barely even talk to.


The episode ended with Taiga and Ryuji being threatened by some kind of ghost or spirit (probably the others playing a joke on them).


In my opinion, this was by far the best episode in the series so far. It had a good combination of humour (my favourite scene was after Taiga walked in on Ami :D) and some character development at the end. I hope they can make the rest of the series like this. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how Taiga and Ryuji’s relationship develops, as well as finding out what Minori is hiding behind that smile of hers.


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One Response to “Toradora ep. 9”

  1. Hirvine Says:

    Haha, Taiga’s reaction is indeed priceless, good review. I never saw Toradora, but now I’m actually curious enough to look up. That weird dance with all those arms in one of the first pictures looks fun too.

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