Nendoroid L Dies Again :(


Several months ago, my Nendoroid L figure fell off its shelf and snapped its neck as shown above. I suspect Nendoroid Light shoved him off since they were beside each other >.>
Anyways, I was able to fix it back then using some super glue and applying it so that only the broken neck piece was glued. Any excess glue on the body or head would’ve been bad because then I wouldn’t be able to change his expression anymore. Recently though, I’m sad to say that L snapped his neck again, and it was by my own hands 😦
I was doing some cleaning and accidently knocked him over, and the neck broke at the same spot where it broke last time. It didn’t look like the super glue held up so I was pretty dissappointed, but then I remembered that nendoroids actually come with a few of these neck pieces for each face so I dug up L’s box from my closet and got an extra neck.
Now my problem was getting the broken part of the neck out of L’s body. I tried using glue again to glue another piece of plastic to the piece stuck in the body and pulling it out, but that failed miserably. My next plan was to drill a small hole into the neck piece and stick a screw in there so I could pull it out. I didn’t have any drill bits that were small enough for the task so I improvised and used the tip of a protractor to make a small hole. I was then able to screw a screw in there.


That was actually the easy part of my plan. It turns out that some superglue had gotten into the space between the neck piece and body so it was extremely difficult to pull out. After about 20 minutes of pulling, I was finally able to remove the neck piece.

L is now back to his usual self enjoying life in his comfy red chair. I put some sticky tack underneath him to keep him from sliding off.



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5 Responses to “Nendoroid L Dies Again :(”

  1. phossil Says:

    Dont loose the head again.. lol..

  2. hans Says:

    DOOD THIS IS AWESOME. this literally just saved my kagami nendoroid…….although i was using some other method before hand, which leads to more battle damage around the bottom part of the head……..nothing major and can’t really be seen though.

    in short THIS $%#& IS AWESOME……

    ps: sorry bout that just too damn happy for words.

  3. Mari Says:

    The same exact thing happened to my Nendo L a couple of weeks ago! I tried stabbing/pulling out the joint with long tweezers, but it didn’t work out so well. Now my L has the broken joint superglued into his body. =A=

    Thanks for the tip! If this somehow happens again now, at least, I know to use a drill… ^^;

    • Nopy Says:

      If the glue hasn’t seeped too deep between the peg and the hole, you could try using a crafting knife to cut away at it and then use a drill to get the peg out.

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