Sakura Nankyoku Nendoroid


A couple days ago I got my Sakura Nankyoku nendoroid in the mail. I had actually forgotten that I had ordered this figure since I placed the preorder for it last summer which was quite a while ago. Sakura Nankyoku a.k.a. Penguin or Pen-chan for short is from the anime Penguin Musume Heart (Penguin Girl Heart), a pretty good comedy to watch if you have time.


Pen-chan comes with three different facial expressions, two different positions for each arm, a pickaxe, and a hardhat.


She comes with her school uniform which is nice, but I think they should have gone with some different clothes or added another body since she’s always cosplaying in the anime.


The back of Pen-chan’s head reminds me of a fish. The bottom part is like the tail, the hair sticking out the top is a hook that the fish is about to bite on 😀


What I don’t like about the way this figure was designed is that when Pen-chan’s holding the pickaxe with both hands it covers part of her face.


The hardhat is a really cute add-on 🙂

Here are more pics with different combinations:







What I like about the hardhat is that it fits on other nendoroids as well, such as Shana here:


Although Pen-chan isn’t as popular as other anime characters, I think her nendoroid is one of the cuter ones. It looks like Good Smile Company has fixed all the problems that I noticed with their older nendoroids (such as being top-heavy, and having hard to fit pieces) so there isn’t anything for me to complain about in terms of quality. Different costumes would have been nice though, I guess I’ll have to wait a few months for Good Smile Company and Alter to release their goth-loli and maid version figures of Pen-chan.



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2 Responses to “Sakura Nankyoku Nendoroid”

  1. phossil Says:

    Sakura looks cute with the hardhat…kawaii~~~

  2. Marshmallow Says:

    Didn’t preorder her, but seeing her pics here, I really want her. ^^ Super cute.

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