Chaos;Head ep 12 Ending

It’s been a few weeks since Chaos;Head ended, but I never got around to writing about what I thought about it.


I know the Chaos;Head anime was based on a game, but I haven’t played it so I don’t know whether a lot of stuff was just left out or this is actually how things were meant to be. The beginning of the series was really good with the potential of becoming a popular psychological-horror-mystery type anime, but somewhere along the line it turned into another sci-fi + superpowers show. I was pretty upset when I realized that Chaos;Head was no longer a horror mystery and had done a complete 180. It actually reminded me of Scrapped Princess and Utawarerumono, both of which were good fantasy anime but then turned into sci-fi near the end. I guess the Japanese just really like their science fiction or something. Despite the change in genres, I thought that the ending might end up being good, but man was I wrong.

First, lets recap whats happened in the series so far:

Takumi Nishijou, a lonely otaku living a hikkikomori-like lifestyle one day stumbles upon a crime scene where (a rather cute) pink-haired girl named Rimi Sakihata is seen pinning a dead man to a wall using long cross-shaped metal spikes. Takumi retreats to his “base” (that’s what he calls his home), which is a shipping container on the roof of some building. Later, Takumi encounters Yua Kusunoki who we find out later is secretly investigating him because she suspects he is involved with recent murders in the area, one of which involved Yua’s twin sister. Over time Takumi begins to suspect Rimi less as she doesn’t seem like a killer and thinks that maybe the crime he witnessed was just a delusion. Yua disappears for a while after Takumi learns about her intentions and Ayase Kishimoto, a goth singer, takes on a more promenent role in the series. Takumi’s younger sister Nanami also makes a few appearances here and there, normally portrayed as an annoying girl. Sena Aoi, a mysterious girl with a big sword also appears around the same time Ayase starts to take on a bigger role. It was around here that Chaos;Head started switching genres. Ayase’s talk about seven knights fighting some evil thing could’ve been shurgged off as simple crazy talk by some mentally unstable goth girl, but once Sena came into the picture with talk about di-swords and destroying a machine called Noah 2 (which can control the minds of people around the world), there was no turning back, Chaos;Head had gone sci-fi. Kozoe Orihara, a mute telepathic girl with an annoying voice (if that makes any sense) is the last character to be thrown into the mix. Now apparently all of these characters are Gigalomaniacs, people with the ability to “real-boot” or imagine something and make it reality, but Takumi still hasn’t awakened his powers. Despite that, Kozoe, who quickly makes friends with Sena, helps drag Takumi with them in a failed attempt to destroy Noah 2 in which Ayase had to come and save the day. After that there was some episodes with a bunch of sci-fi mumbo jumbo mixed with some drama and we learn that Takumi is actually someone created by the real Takumi Nishijou a few years ago in order to destroy Noah 2 (confusing? yes). Nanami gets kidnapped in order to power up Noah 2 even more and loses her hand. Rimi goes to save her while Takumi is contemplating his existence and ends up getting caught too, although for some reason Nanami is set free and her hand has magically grown back (even more confusing? definitely). In the meantime Takumi learns how to real-boot his di-sword and giant bugs attack the city.

Episode 12 starts off with explaining that the original Takumi has some disease that makes him age faster and he’s going to die soon, which is why he created the current Takumi to do his dirty work.


Now I can accept the fact that the original Takumi is too weak to do anything himself, but wouldn’t it have made more sense to create a stronger (both physically and mentally) copy of himself rather than the pathetic Takumi we see throughout the series. I know if I needed to create someone to save the world he wouldn’t be some wimpy otaku.


After Takumi’s little talk with Takumi, the fake Takumi continues on his way to save Rimi and destroy Noah 2, however he encounters Seira (whose waist seems to have shunk to half its size).


Now Seira hasn’t really done anything in the series except provide some fanservice so I figured she might actually do something now (even though she’s just a plastic figure). But to my disappointment, all she did was cling onto Takumi and ask him to stay with her (the Seira dressed as a cat is kinda cute though, lol).


But when Takumi turned her down, she attacked him with a spiked club. Yay for fight scenes right? wrong. With barely a few swings here and there the fight is already over and we don’t even see what happened. We’re just given a shot with Seira abandoned on the ground in her figure form.


The part where Ayase and Yua are fighting the bugs attacking the city was also a joke. Ayase ended up freezing all of them before there was really any action (couldn’t she have just done that from the beginning?).


There was also another part that I thought made no sense. Throughout the whole series Takumi had been claiming that someone was watching him and always asks the question “whose eyes are those?” Well for the first time we get to see the “eyes” that are staring at him. Yep, the buildings are alive! But seriously, I didn’t get the whole point with the eyes thing, you does the real Takumi need to watch the fake Takumi when he could just make a delusion to do whatever he wanted.


Takumi finally reaches Rimi and Noah 2 in the middle of the episode where he is then subjected to psychological attacks. One of the attacks involved tricking Takumi into thinking he was living in a perfect world with his happy harem. This was probably one of the only parts of the episode that I wasn’t disappointed with, it shows Takumi’s true desires 😉


The part right after the psychological attacks seemed like it was put together by taking the endings of several stories and slapping them together. Basically although Rimi is freed from being attached to this cross thingy, she just stands there and shouts to Takumi, acting as the damsel in distress (even though she can fight too). Takumi also somehow becomes stronger than the bad guy within a few seconds and scares the crap out of him (reminds me of DBZ, super saiya-jin :D). The other girls then gather at this river that may or may not have been mentioned earlier in the series and lend Takumi their powers (reminds me of sailormoon’s boss battles, love and justice conquer all!) and Takumi becomes Super Takumi. I should’ve mentioned this earlier, but the bad guy that controls Noah 2 wants to use it to bring peace to humanity and end all conflicts. So after Takumi powers up, he goes on with this grand speech about how he’d sacrifice humanity to be with the girl he loves and proceeds to throw his sword at the bad guy, pinning him to Noah 2 (how anticlamatic).


We’re then taken back to the scene that’s shown at the very beginning of the first episode with Takumi lying on the ground in a ruined city and Rimi holding a blade to his chest. By this point I just stopped caring, there was no way this last scene could fix the trainwreck of the previous 15 minutes. Basically what happens is Rimi tells Takumi that although he’s a loser and sucks that she loves him and decides not to kill him for ruining humanity’s future. The city then goes back to normal and everything is all good and happy.


So as you can tell, I was very very disappointed with how Chaos;Head turned out. If they had just progressed the story like in the first few episodes rather than take a completely new direction it would have been much better. Unless you like watching cute anime girls with swords and don’t care about the plot, then I would suggest avoiding Chaos;Head because that’s all its got going for it.


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2 Responses to “Chaos;Head ep 12 Ending”

  1. Nopy's Blog Says:

    […] Chaos;Head Noah for the Xbox 360 comes out soon in Japan. The screenshots here make it look like a tempting game to get, but if the ending is anything like the anime, then it’s not worth getting. You can read about my Chaos;Head ramblings here. […]

  2. dfa Says:

    There is nothing suggesting that the original Takumi could create a stronger Takumi/ MC Takumi. All in all, we are led to believe that him creating a new life (or rather, pouring his lifeforce into someone new he created) was an extraordinary act in itself and that he almost certainly hadn’t the power to create a better copy.
    By the way, I got it that this was written years and years ago, but the game pretty much explains everything – it’s thorough regarding the explaination about how Takumi is able, in the end, to overpower Norose.

    Although I gotta say, I experienced the 180 turn too at first, but most likely because I though that the ending sequence felt somewhat rushed: Norose Genichi was pretty much crafted out of thin air as an antagonist, in the sense that he both ended up as a stock “standard evil corporate overlord”ish character and that he had very little direct relationship to Takumi whatsoever.

    Bye. 🙂

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