Megami Magazine Creators Vol. 14

So I’ve been really busy this month which is why I haven’t posted anything recently. I got my copy of Megami Magazine Creators Vol. 14 a few weeks ago.  On the cover is a cute girl holding a bunny:


At first I thought she was a character from Shuffle, but then I realized that there were no girls that looked like her. She was actually drawn by the artist that designed all of the girls for Shuffle, Aoi Nishimata. Aoi is this edition’s featured artist, hence why her work is on the front cover.


On the first page we are greeted by a rather colourful image of what appears to be a girl wearing some fruit under the sea which is under a cake? I never really understood art, I just know it’s pretty. There’s a url for a site at the bottom left corner of the page that you can visit for more of these types of images.


The first section of the magazine is devoted to Aoi Nishimata and shows off some of the characters that she has designed.


I like this page because it has my two favourite characters from Shuffle, Kaede and Sia ^.^

I don’t know much (actually I don’t know anything) about any of the other artists in the magazine so I just picked out a few works that I thought were well done:


Extremely cute catgirl, I’m glad her tail is “censoring” this image though. The border services examined this magazine while it was being shipped to me and if there had been anything inappropriate showing, it would have been disposed of, luckily there wasn’t.



Some of you may recognize the following two images from the Girls Avenue section of previous Megami Magazines.



There were quite a few shimapan (striped pantsu) works in this issue. I picked out the two that I liked the best:



On the back cover of the magazine is some advertising for Fortune Arterial. I never got the point of those kinds of games, they’re mostly text so you don’t really get to do very much.


And of course, as always, the magazine came with a two-sided poster.


The first side has the girl on the cover drawn by Aoi Nishimata. I think it’s a fitting poster for this time of year when there’s still snow falling outside.


The other side of the poster has School Swim Suit Mecha Nurse Girl Nana by Eiji Komatsu. I don’t know much about her other than that she’s getting her own figure made by Orchid Seed soon.

I liked the artwork shown in this issue of Creators more than the previous one, but I guess it all depends on your personal preference. I really liked the girls from Shuffle, so it was nice to see some more characters made by the same artist.


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2 Responses to “Megami Magazine Creators Vol. 14”

  1. phossil Says:

    thanks for the review and the photos.
    Im just curious, Does megami creators features posters like the ones in megami magazine? (i mean a little bigger than A4)

    • Nopy Says:

      Megami Creators is perfect bound like a book, so there are no pull-out posters. It only comes with the one large poster that is just inserted between the pages.

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