Miku Hatsune GSC Figure

This Miku figure by GSC originally came out back in November, but it wasn’t released in North America until much later which is why it took so long for me to get it. I normally would have ordered it from Japan but all of the preorders were already full so I ended up ordering her from the States.


The first word that popped into my mind when I saw the figure was “shiny”. I guess it’s not surprising that GSC decided to make Miku all shiny considering how big of a star she is. Her shirt is painted with a metallic-like paint and the rest of her clothing has this thin layer of something clear and reflective which gives its shiny appearance.


After a few minutes admiring the figure, one of the things I noticed was how thin they made Miku. Her waist is only a little bit wider than the upper part of her leg and quite a bit of pvc went into making her hair compared to her body (I’d say the hair makes up 1/4 of the pvs in the figure.


One of the features that seems to be common with figures wearing skirts is the ability to take them off. Here we see Miku wearing white panties with a little turquoise bow matching the colour of her hair and tie.


Miku’s bottom is pretty detailed 🙂


Rather than having a plain white base like most figures, Miku gets a dark transparent gray base in a hexagon shape.


Overall I was pretty impressed with this figure. GSC did such a good job that there wasn’t anything to complain about unless you hate shiny things, but what kind of person doesn’t like shiny? If you’re a Miku fan you should definitely get this figure (that is if you can find one).


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