Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Rei Wallpapers

So eariler this week after looking at some anime vectors that people have done, I decided to learn how to do vectors myself so I could make my own wallpapers. Since this was my first time trying to vector something, I decided to do something easy just to get started. My first vector actually doesn’t have any anime characters, I just took a screenshot of the title for Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Rei from the opening and vectored that.

Here’s the original screenshot:


and here’s what I came up with (just click the image to see the fullsize version):


Believe it or not, this took me several hours to finish (mainly because I had no clue where anything was in photoshop).

Well, after practicing using the pen tool on the title, I decided to actually vector an anime character next. Once again, I took another screenshot from the opening of higurashi (this time of Rika):


and here’s the result:


I didn’t really like the flower petals in the original image so I left them out. I also made the colours slightly darker since I was going to use a dark background. The part that gave me the most trouble was the eyes. I didn’t like the way that anime eyes turned out based on the tutorials that I read on anime vectoring so I modified them and came up with my own method of drawing eyes. Basically what I did was put a few layers of colours on top of each other and used the eraser tool  with opacity set to 10-20% and erase parts of the top colours to reveal the bottom colours. This way, the colours seem to flow into each other if you know what I mean.

The last wallpaper I made was of Hanyuu, using this screenshot:


Once again, this is what I produced:


Personally, I think I did a better job on Hanyuu than Rika. The only trouble I had with Hanyuu was the really light parts in her hair; it’s really close in colour to her regular hair colour so it was hard to make out where the boundaries between the two colours were.

Anyone is welcome to use these wallpapers, but if you repost them online, I’d appreciate it if a link back here is added along with the wallpapers.


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One Response to “Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Rei Wallpapers”

  1. phossil Says:

    I have never tried vectoring before. I found the use of the pen tool in photoshop very time consuming i guess. But your wallpapers vectoring from the screenshots are very good.

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