Clannad After Story ep. 21

First of all, if you haven’t seen this episode yet, stop reading here. Something happens in this episode and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone that’s behind.


Now with that said, this episode was incredibly sad. As expected, Ushio has the same illness that Nagisa had, meaning that she’s incredibly weak and prone to long periods of a crippling fever. Probably suspecting that she doesn’t have much time, Ushio basically begs Tomoya to go on a trip back to see the flower patch that they went to a few episodes back. Considering Ushio’s condition, Tomoya obviously refuses her request at first, but I don’t think any good father can say no to their daughter for too long. Finally fiving in to Ushio’s request, Tomoya takes her outside in the freezing cold (actually, the snow looked clumped together so the temperature was nowhere near what it is now at -30C *grumble*) and heads to the train station.


Unfortunately, the fever, long walk, and cold temperature was too much for Ushio to handle and she collapses in her father’s arms. Ushio then says that everything is dark and asks if they’re on the train, and Tomoya tells her that they are. She then tells her father she loves him before (we presume) she passes away. Now, most viewers would probably agree that Ushio did indeed pass away at the end of the episode (the title was “The End of The World” after all), but knowing Key stories, anything is possible.


Both AIR and Planetarian (which are games also made by Key) had sad endings where a character dies at the end of the story. Based on these two endings, I think it would be safe to assume that Ushio really is dead and not just unconscious. However, as many Clannad fans know, Key also made Kanon which had an almost-sad ending. By almost-sad I mean that it was assumed a character was dead, but then that character appears again in like the last 5 minutes of the series alive and well. Personally, I don’t like endings that all of a sudden switch from really sad to really happy, it just seems like the writers are trying to keep fans of a certain character happy rather than write a good story.


Well, as of right now, there’s no way to tell if Ushio is really dead or if Key will pull another Kanon and bring her back to life. There’s still 2 more episodes in the series so it could go either way, and the next episode preview doesn’t give any hints either as it just shows that girl and robot lying in the snow (what’s the point of those two anyways?)



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2 Responses to “Clannad After Story ep. 21”

  1. ally Says:

    Ik why with what’s up with the girl and her Robot, Well in an ep Girl ” I can feel my life slipping away * humms a lyric *” Robot ” why do I feel like ik that song ur humming?!” Girl” you should….. remember it Daddy ” Robot ” *gets pulled into the sky and breaks * uh tag idk if that helped xD but Ushio is that girl and the Robot is Tomoya .-.

  2. bimoprayogacandrasabit Says:

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