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Nendoroid School Life Playset

April 29, 2009


So I’m not really sure why I got the nendoroid school life playsets by Phat company. I guess it was because I have so many nendoroids and thought some of them might look better with some nendo-sized things around.



Megami Magazine Vol. 108

April 28, 2009


After nearly a month of waiting, I finally got vol. 108 of Megami Magazine. This volume contains a lot of Clannad After Story and mostly posters of older series. Since I had some free time today I decided to scan the posters in to see how they turned out.


Eden of The East ep. 3

April 26, 2009

Eden of The East (a.k.a. Higashi no Eden) is another one of those anime that I wasn’t considering watching this season, but now I am.


It’s really hard to explain what Eden of The East is about since I’m not really sure myself. So far we have been introduced to a young lady name Saki Morimi and a guy named Akira Takizawa (or so his passport says). The two of them met in Washington DC when Saki threw a coin over the fence around the White House (hoping that it would make it into a fountain) and gets questioned by police as to what she was doing. Akira then shows up butt-naked waving around a gun and cellphone so the police chase after him. Later on, we find out that Akira has lost his memories and has no clue who he is, but manages to find some clues (including what his name is)  in an apartment listed on his cellphone. Later, he and Saki meet up again and they head off to Japan.


Mio Akiyama Gallery

April 17, 2009


Since K-ON aired, I’ve been collecting wallpapers/images and I just thought I’d share some pics of everyone’s favourite character, Mio:


Hanyuu and Rika Furude Figures by Wave

April 16, 2009

I checked my email this morning to find that Hanyuu and Rika figures are now available for reservation (yay!)