Spring 2009 Anime Watchlist

Today is the first day of April and we all know what that means: a new season of anime!


As you can see from the list of all the new anime airing this season, there’s quite a few to watch. After reading dozens of plot summaries and looking at the trailers, I’ve narrowed down my watchlist to what I think might turn out well:

Pandora Hearts

I think this one looks the most promising anime this season. Pandora Hearts looks like it’s going to be a mystery/magic/action/adventure type anime and I haven’t seen one of those in a while. I guess what also got me interested in this title was the music in the trailer, it’s really good. If you look for Pandora Hearts on youtube, you should be able to find the trialer.

Phantom – Requiem for the Phantom

I saw guns, knives, and explosions in the trailer so this is definitely on my watchlist. Not to mention that the animation looks pretty good, and the storyline seems really serious, all things that I like to see in my anime 🙂

Natsu no Arashi

School Rumble was my favourite anime when it was airing, except when I saw the ending and had the same reaction as everyone else. However, I believe people deserve a second chance, so I’ve decided to give Natsu no Arashi (written by the author of School Rumble) a shot. The girl in all the advertisements for this anime reminds me of Yakumo.

Hayate no Gotoku 2

I’m actually still watching season 1 and with my current schedule I probably won’t finish before season 2 airs, but I’ll get around to watching season 2 eventually.


It’s amazing how the Japanese can make everyday normal things into awesome anime, just think about Prince of Tennis (Tennis), Hikaru no Go (Go), and Yakitate Japan (Bread). Saki just so happens to be about mahjong, and if it’s like any of the three anime I just mentioned, then it’s going to be great.

Some of the other anime that I may consider watching this season (depending on how they turn out) are: Tears to Tiara, Full Metal Alchemist, 07 Ghost, K-On, Shangri-La, and Asura Cryin’.


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