Hatsukoi Limited ep. 1

I originally didn’t consider watching this anime, but I was bored and decided to see if it was any good and I’m sure glad I did.


The first thing I noticed about Hatsukoi Limited was that the characters bore a striking resemblence to the girls from Ichigo 100%. After looking up some info on the anime, I found it was based on a manga by the same name and the author was the same person who wrote Ichigo 100%, Mizuki Kawashita (a.k.a. Mikan Momokuri). Another one of her works that I read was Lilim Kiss, and I enjoyed both Lilim Kiss and Ichigo 100% although they were both a bit perverted (ok, more like overly perverted, but the story was good too!) Well, I don’t know how the Hatsukoi Limited manga slipped under my radar, but from the looks of the first anime episode, it’s worth taking a look at.



In the first episode, a middle schooler named Ayumi Arihara (who looks a lot like Tsukasa from Ichigo 100%) gets confessed to by this huge monster of a high schooler (Misao Zaitsu) who causes the ground to shake when he walks by. I laughed so hard at this part, I just knew the rest of the episode was going to be good. Naturally, a little girl would be scared out of her wits if a huge monster and Ayumi ends up not being able to turn down Misao right away for fear of her life. Awaiting an answer from Ayumi, Misao ends up following her to and from school for a week before Ayumi finally works up the courage to tell him off, but almost immediately after she gets kidnapped by some delinquents setting a trap for Misao. Of course, any man would save the girl he loves even if she doesn’t like him, and so Misao goes to beat up the delinquents. Unfortunately for him though, they use his greatest weakness against him: Ayumi’s panties!


I thought Mizuki Kawashita had finally made something tame, but I guess not. The remainder of the episode managed to show Ayumi’s panties at least once every 30 seconds. Anyways, Misao is unable to look at Ayumi’s panties and therefore unable to fight until Ayumi unties herself and knocks out the guy holding her skirt up. Misao beats up the other delinquents and then Ayumi knocks him out too for making her so scared.


This first episode was really funny, and I like how much Ayumi resembles Tsukasa not only in looks but somewhat in personality too. From what I’ve read about the manga, Hatsukoi Limited focuses on different girls and their first loves, so the next episode will probably feature one of Ayumi’s friends. Hopefully, each arc will be as funny as this one was.


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