Megami Magazine Vol. 108


After nearly a month of waiting, I finally got vol. 108 of Megami Magazine. This volume contains a lot of Clannad After Story and mostly posters of older series. Since I had some free time today I decided to scan the posters in to see how they turned out.


More Nanoha is always good. Still waiting for the movie though.


Toradora was an awesome story, if you haven’t seen it I suggest you do so soon, you don’t know what you’re missing.


Queen’s Blade looks like a hentai disguised as an anime…




I’ve never seen Da Capo or Da Capo II so I don’t know who this maid girl is, but she’s so cute ^.^

At this point I stopped scanning the posters. My scanner could only fit half a poster at a time so it took a while to scan each one and sticking the two halves together was a bit annoying too.


I think Ushio looks too much like a boy. They should have drawn her more like the girl that’s always with that robot.


Seeing Nagisa in those clothes somehow reminds me of Card Captor Sakura, all she’s missing is a wand and some Clow Cards.


One big happy family. It’s so hard to believe that Sanae is actually a grandmother, she looks so young.




The K-ON craze (or Mio craze) is really getting out of hand. I’m sure there will be more of these posters to come in the next few volumes of Megami Magazine.




Is it just me, or is Nodoka not wearing any panties?



I wish they had a poster of Mikoto and Kuroko instead of these three. Oh well, Mikoto is getting her own anime so I’m happy.


Overall, I didn’t think the posters in this volume were that spectacular. The only two that I really liked was the Da Capo II one and the one with Nagisa in that white dress.

Although the posters lacked content from the new season, at least the main part of the magazine had some nice full-page ads and screenshots of some new anime.


After watching the first episode of Hatsukoi Limited, I decided to read the manga, which turned out pretty good. It’s not as loaded with fanservice as Lilim Kiss or Ighigo 100% (same author), but in my opinion the story was much better.


Everyone probably already knows this, but the K-ON opening and ending songs were released on April 22.


I just thought I’d point out something here: the girl on the far left seems to be missing a vital piece of clothing.


I watched the first episode of Tayutama, the character designs are really nice, but it looks like another harem anime and I’ve gotten sick of harem anime now.


Phantom, on the other hand looks to have a lot of potential. Hopefully it doesn’t suck as much as people said the OVA did.


I didn’t know about this until I saw this page, but there’s a Toradora game coming out for the PSP. Now if only I had a PSP and knew how to read Japanese 😦


Up till now, every Megami Magazine that I’ve gotten has come with a large double-sided poster, but that’s not the case this time. Instead of inserting a large poster along with this volume, Megami Magazine included a little booklet on Clannad After Story.


There were a lot of nice pictures on the cover so I thought there would be larger version inside the booklet, but I was wrong.


Most of the booklet was like what you see above. There was also four pages with the characters in different outfits which is a bit better, but not as good as having a poster.



After looking through the booklet, I was rather diappointed in it. If you’re a big Clannad fan, then this volume of Megami Magazine would be worth getting, but just keep in mind that this one doesn’t come with a large poster.


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2 Responses to “Megami Magazine Vol. 108”

  1. dreaming artemis Says:

    OHHHHH! Now that is one find magazine! I want more k-on!!!

  2. phossil Says:

    clannad little booket. … nice. 🙂

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