Phantom ~Requiem For The Phantom~ ep. 4

Yay for Ein fanservice!


In this episode we see Ein in various forms of clothing, something that’s been lacking since she dressed up as a maid in the first episode. The story in this episode is that Ein and Zwei are scouting out for potential spots in a mall to assassinate a certain mafia boss. In order to scope out their surroundings and not be noticed, they act as a young couple enjoying their day out shopping.


Of course, when anime girls go shopping, they always have to buy swimsuits 🙂



We also get to see Ein in some more fashionable clothes:


and we finally get to see both Ein and Zwei in action when they go to assassinate their target.


Before the end of the episode, viewers are given one more treat in the form of Ein just stepping out of the shower.


In a serious anime like Phantom, it doesn’t hurt to have a little fanservice as long as it’s not the whole point of the anime. Although this episode did have quite a bit of fanservice, it still progressed the plot a bit with Ein and Zwei’s relationship and a look into what Ein thinks of Zwei. The next episode will probably see some more action as Zwei continues on with Inferno’s tests.


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