Natsu no Arashi ep. 5

Not exactly the funniest episode, but certainly entertaining.


In this episode we find out that Jun is actually a girl. It’s never actually stated, but there’s so many hints that you’d have to be blind to miss them.


Screenshot from ep 4

For the first 4 episodes I just thought Jun was just a really girly guy, but now that I know she’s a girl, everything makes sense now. It explains how Jun faked that scream in episode 1 and how she doesn’t even give Arashi a second glance when Hajime was talking about her. Anyways, I’m really tired right now so I’ll make this post short and just post some¬†screenshots of some cross-cross-dressing and fail censoring (though there isn’t really anything to censor, it’s just a line):




fail censoring


a bit better


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One Response to “Natsu no Arashi ep. 5”

  1. Doctor Says:

    Wow I somehow missed that. It was a rough start for this series, but I’ve enjoying it a lot more. I’m been trying to watch everything that Shaft has been putting out recently.

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