Sakura Nankyoku Figures

I’ve been meaning to post this for nearly a week, but I’ve been too busy to take shots of my new figures until now.


As you can see, I got both the Good Smile Company goth-loli and the Alter maid version of super-rich and crazed otaku girl Sakura Nankyoku (aka Penguin-chan). Sakura is from the comedy anime Penguin Musume Heart, which means Penguin Girl Heart (where penguin is Sakura’s nickname, not an actual penguin). Up till now I’ve tried to avoid getting more than one figure of a character (excluding nendoroids), but these two figures came out at the same time and they both looked so nice from the promo pics that I couldn’t decide on which one to get so I got both.


First up is Good Smile Company’s goth-loli version with Sakura wearing a really pretty yukata.





Foot fetish anyone? j/k

I’ve seen some figures where the hands and feet (more so feet) don’t look that great, but I thought every part of this figure was sculpted really well. You can tell when a lot of thought and effort has been put into a figure when the little nit-picky things like the feet and toes turn out well. I also like the stand, so shiny ^.^


The red flower is a nice touch.


The designs on the yukata look really simple, but somhow it also looks really detailed. Maybe it’s the wavy white parts.


I didn’t notice this at first, but like many other Good Smile Company figures you can remove the skirt to reveal the figure’s panties.


I don’t think they actually showed Sakura’s panties in the episode where she wears this yukata (correct me if I’m wrong), but here she has pink panties with a bow in front.


There are also some frilly things in the back. I wonder if that makes sitting uncomfortable.


Overall I thought this was a wonderful figure. The simple yet detailed design gives Sakura a rather elegant look and I can’t find any flaws in it.


Up next is Alter’s maid version of Sakura with nekomimi ears and tail included.



When I opened up this figure, one of the things I started worrying about was whether it’ll lean in the future. As you can see, Sakura is only standing on one leg, which isn’t even straight and most of her weight is shifted a bit to the side.


Sakura’s left leg bulges out a bit above where the stocking ends.


Here you can see above how the leg doesn’t go straight up, but rather goes to the side. The stand is really cute though.


Sakura’s maid dress is the typical black with a white apron. The nipples pointing out make me wonder how big they’d have to be to show through two layers of clothing…


Here’s a panty shot for you all since the skirt isn’t removable like the previous picture 😛


At first I thought the tail and cat ears might be removeable, but they’re permanently stuck on as you can see here.


It’s difficult to show this with pictures, but it looks like the part of Sakura’s hair just in front of her face was accidently pushed up against her face during the sculpting phase. Of course, the sculptor could’ve just decided that there shouldn’t be so much space between the hair and the face. Overall I thought this figure had a lot more detail put in, but the quality is a bit lower than the goth-loli one. It’s still a nice figure to look at.


Out of the two, I’d have to say that the goth-loli Sakura by Good Smile Company is the better figure. There weren’t any ribbons or cat ears/tails, but the overall appearance and slightly better quality made it more appealing to me.


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4 Responses to “Sakura Nankyoku Figures”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Great loot! How much did the total come out to?

  2. meronpan Says:

    ooo i’m so jealous you have both releases + the nendoroid 😛

    i guess the pose and expression of the alter one trumps everything else for me, but not by much. anyhow, as you say, they’re both great!

  3. 南極さくら ~ Nankyoku Sakura! « WAWAWA 忘れ物 Says:

    […] stop by Nopy’s blog for a review of both this and GSC’s […]

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