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Natsu no Arashi ep. 5

May 7, 2009

Not exactly the funniest episode, but certainly entertaining.




Phantom ~Requiem For The Phantom~ ep. 4

May 5, 2009

Yay for Ein fanservice!



Eden of The East ep. 3

April 26, 2009

Eden of The East (a.k.a. Higashi no Eden) is another one of those anime that I wasn’t considering watching this season, but now I am.


It’s really hard to explain what Eden of The East is about since I’m not really sure myself. So far we have been introduced to a young lady name Saki Morimi and a guy named Akira Takizawa (or so his passport says). The two of them met in Washington DC when Saki threw a coin over the fence around the White House (hoping that it would make it into a fountain) and gets questioned by police as to what she was doing. Akira then shows up butt-naked waving around a gun and cellphone so the police chase after him. Later on, we find out that Akira has lost his memories and has no clue who he is, but manages to find some clues (including what his name is)  in an apartment listed on his cellphone. Later, he and Saki meet up again and they head off to Japan.


Hatsukoi Limited ep. 1

April 14, 2009

I originally didn’t consider watching this anime, but I was bored and decided to see if it was any good and I’m sure glad I did.


The first thing I noticed about Hatsukoi Limited was that the characters bore a striking resemblence to the girls from Ichigo 100%. After looking up some info on the anime, I found it was based on a manga by the same name and the author was the same person who wrote Ichigo 100%, Mizuki Kawashita (a.k.a. Mikan Momokuri). Another one of her works that I read was Lilim Kiss, and I enjoyed both Lilim Kiss and Ichigo 100% although they were both a bit perverted (ok, more like overly perverted, but the story was good too!) Well, I don’t know how the Hatsukoi Limited manga slipped under my radar, but from the looks of the first anime episode, it’s worth taking a look at.


Natsu no Arashi – First Impressions

April 13, 2009

Natsu no Arashi is another romantic comedy from the creator of School Rumble, Jin Kobayashi. Unlike School Rumble, however, Natsu no Arashi takes place during the summer at a cafe in a small seaside town and includes ghosts and time travel. Yep, you read right, ghosts and time travel, but keep in mind that this is a comedy.


The story focuses on 13-year-old Hajime Yasaka who is staying with his grandfather for summer vacation. Hajime then meets a pretty 16-year-old called Sayoko Arashiyama or just plain Arashi. When Hajime and Arashi hold hands they are able to travel through time due to Arashi being a ghost and having supernatural powers. This of course allows for some pretty entertaining series of events.