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Megami Magazine Vol. 109

May 15, 2009


Time for a look at another volume of Megami Magazine. This issue has a lot of goodies in terms of posters, and some very very nice extras which you will find near the bottom of this post.



Hatsukoi Limited ep. 1

April 14, 2009

I originally didn’t consider watching this anime, but I was bored and decided to see if it was any good and I’m sure glad I did.


The first thing I noticed about Hatsukoi Limited was that the characters bore a striking resemblence to the girls from Ichigo 100%. After looking up some info on the anime, I found it was based on a manga by the same name and the author was the same person who wrote Ichigo 100%, Mizuki Kawashita (a.k.a. Mikan Momokuri). Another one of her works that I read was Lilim Kiss, and I enjoyed both Lilim Kiss and Ichigo 100% although they were both a bit perverted (ok, more like overly perverted, but the story was good too!) Well, I don’t know how the Hatsukoi Limited manga slipped under my radar, but from the looks of the first anime episode, it’s worth taking a look at.