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Sakura Nankyoku Figures

May 8, 2009

I’ve been meaning to post this for nearly a week, but I’ve been too busy to take shots of my new figures until now.




Sakura Nankyoku Nendoroid

January 8, 2009


A couple days ago I got my Sakura Nankyoku nendoroid in the mail. I had actually forgotten that I had ordered this figure since I placed the preorder for it last summer which was quite a while ago. Sakura Nankyoku a.k.a. Penguin or Pen-chan for short is from the anime Penguin Musume Heart (Penguin Girl Heart), a pretty good comedy to watch if you have time. (more…)

Penguin Musume Heart ep. 15 & Code Geass Ending

September 28, 2008

Well, I just finished watching ep 15 of Penguin Musume. This episode involved Etorofu hijacking the Nankyoku time machine and going back in time to get rid of an embarrasing event. Of course, with any show that involves time travel there are unwanted consequences. At the end of the episode it appears that Pen-chan (Sakura) is no longer the main character and the anime is now called Shirokuma-ojousama Heart. I guess this is how Shirokuma gets her fortune/company back after going into bankruptcy.

So, after watching this ep, I started to wonder what I would do if I could go back in time to change something. If someone gave me a time machine right now, I would travel back a few years and tell the producers of Code Geass R2 to change the ending ^.^

(spoilers below for anyone that hasn’t seen the ending to Code Geass) (more…)

Megami Magazine Vol. 101

September 27, 2008

I finally got my copy of Megami Magazine Volume 101 earlier this week. The packaging has “Do Not Bend” in big black letters so someone tried to bend it in half; I really hate people like that. One thing about Megami Magazine is that they have what look like fan-made manga inserted between some pages that only stick out halfway from the spine. So when the magazine was bent, all of the regular pages ended up getting these little folds where the manga pages ended. Fortunately the folds weren’t too deep so I was able to straighten out the poster pages. Well, that’s enough rambling about the postal service. I took pictures of all the posters this time, and here they are: (more…)

Penguin Musume Heart

August 12, 2008

I’m currently watching Penguin Musume Heart (Penguin Girl), which is an anime about a girl called Nankyoku Sakura (a.k.a. Pengiun or Pen-chan) and all the weird things that happen around her. There really isn’t any plot so far, but it does have some of the silly things we’ve come to expect from anime, including: the muscle man butler, the battle maid, the tomboy, the lesbian martial arts girl (reminds me of card captor sakura), girls with exploding clothes (see below), maid cafes, miko (shrine maidens), and of course the all-important panty shots.